Update courtesy Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group

Baldwin’s development

Residents living around the former Baldwin’s Omega site have recently been informed by PTA Developments Ltd. that construction work will soon begin on the site. At the moment, the site is being cleared following the demolition of the old buildings. This has already occasioned a request by the residents to the council Building Control team to enforce the condition imposed on the developer regarding noise in out-of-hours working (there should be no noise audible beyond the site boundary outside the hours of: 7.30am – 6pm Mon to Fri, and 8am – 1pm Saturday. Any contraventions to these, or other conditions, should be reported to Building Control : buildingcontrol@sheffield.gov.uk ;  tel 0114 273 4168.). On several occasions there has been a contravention of this before 7.00am.

The first phase of the development involves drilling and the driving of piles for the foundations of the new buildings. The residents have been advised that this may occasion some disturbance and damage to the neighbouring houses so a programme of inspection is being offered before work begins and after completion paid for by the developer.

There will undoubtedly be issues with construction traffic which will have to pass through the narrow opening into Chelsea Court. Parking will be a problem and residents in the wider area around Chelsea Road will certainly be affected.

You may remember that there was an issue with the requirement placed on the developer to pay a levy to the council which the developer tried to circumvent by dividing up the site into smaller plots. (Developments of 14 or more dwellings are liable for this levy. PTA contested this obligation but an independent assessor found that a sum of £1.25million should be exacted.) A deal has since been concluded between PTA and the council whereby PTA will build affordable homes in Athol Road in Heeley. This is currently in the hands of the council’s legal department.

Another issue concerned the efforts by the residents to have a Right Of Way established across the site. There has been good progress on this. There will obviously be no access to the site, for Health and Safety reasons, whilst works are in progress. However, the Council’s Public Right of Way (PROW) Team have been pursuing, with the developer, a legal contract for a footpath/cycle path through the site, based on the well-documented and official application made by the residents.

The PROW team say that the developer has now submitted a plan for where the foot/cycle path will run – and they have reassured the residents that it will not be “out of the way” (ie around the perimeter of the site where people might feel vulnerable at night), but will follow the main access road.  This is not guaranteed to happen until the developer signs a contract prepared, hopefully by the end of 2019.


The development will take around 24 months.