A Message from South Yorkshire Police

Crimes Recorded 14 Jan- 14 Feb 2022 (Nether Edge / Sharrow ward)

Residential Burglaries

The Forge- Boston Street – Break in 1x male arrested at scene

Brincliffe Edge- Garage- 2x Electric bikes stolen

Abbeydale Road- Shed 2x pedal bikes stolen

Sharrow Lane- (HOMO) Electronics stolen

Brincliffe Towers – Copper stolen from property under development

Wayland Road- Break in- 1x male arrested at scene

Wayland Road- Attempt burglary- trying door handles

Kingfield Road- Damage to property / untidy search

Bowood Road x2– Attempt burglary- Trying door handles

Edgehill Road- Shed, mower stolen

Theft From/Of Motor Vehicles

Langdale Road- Theft of Motor bike

Psalter Lane- theft of number plates

Wostenholm Road- Theft of wallet from vehicle

Byron Road- Car stolen from driveway

Thornsett Road- Sunglasses/ cash stolen from vehicle

Psalter Lane- Smashed window – handbag stolen from within

Sharrow Street- Number plates stolen

Miller Road- Catalytic Converter stolen.


Garages / Sheds

Often used to store expensive tools, bikes etc, to reduce the chance of happening, fit a strong hasp and padlock to your shed/ garage door. Make sure the doors are strong enough to resist being kicked in or pushed in.

Consider fitting an intruder alarm, either linked to the house or stand alone system, visibly mark the property in your shed/ garage and secure with anchor points.

Be a good Neighbour if you see anyone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood call the Police on 101 or in an emergency 999