The Council are being pressed to lease a part of Millhouses Park to the Wagon & Horses Pub for them to build an outdoor drinking/eating area. Both Friends of Millhouses Park and the Banner Cross Group are opposed in principle to the loss of public open space for commercial purposes, and have made this clear to the Council.

A Petition has been set up on 38Degrees - see below. The Friends of Millhouses Park hope everyone who uses and treasures the Park will sign the petition and make it clear to the Council that local opinion is widely opposed to this move.

Dear Friends,
I just added the petition "KEEP MILLHOUSES PARK PUBLIC".
It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because: 
Millhouses park is a destination park for the whole of Sheffield and beyond.  It is not the biggest park in Sheffield but it is a very popular park because people feel safe within its boundary.
It is a much needed green space which serves Carter Knowle, Nether Edge and the whole Abbeydale corridor,  the areas of Sheffield with the least provision of green and open space in the whole city, far less per head of population than Sheffield's declared aspirations.
Having recently been deprived of even more open space in this area, it is crucial that there is no erosion of any public open space in this park.