Advance notice that some tree work will be taking place in Chelsea Park tomorrow – Wednesday 13th April.


This is to clear and process a beech tree which failed during Monday night, and is now resting on the grassed area to the South East of the mound in the centre of the park.


This has presented  an opportunity to use the remaining timber to leave some large logs/benches right next to the mound. The SCC Community Tree Officer has  discussed this with Marion Tylecote of The Friends of Chelsea Park and she has stressed these would be best if they do not restrict the grassed area where people sit, and children sledge. So SCC will ensure they avoid this.


The tree was last inspected in August 2015 and no decay fungi, decay cavities, structural irregularities or other issues of concern were identified. The Community Tree Officer believes the failure is primarily due to shallow rooting of the tree on this rocky slope and the presence of large roots from an adjacent sycamore restricting the root growth of this tree.  However, as the tree is cut and processed tomorrow further investigations will take place. Failure of this type is incredibly rare.