Update from Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group


Some residents may already know of the plans to develop part of Banner Cross Methodist Church but to many it will come as a shock. The notice obtained from the church details what the church has in mind for the old school room with its entrance facing Glenalmond Road. While keeping the façade of the building, it will be converted into four 2/3 bedroom houses. Some additional alterations will be made to the roof line with dormer windows. There will be a particular impact to the front of the building facing Ecclesall Road South where the garden will be cut away to provide parking/turning space for four cars along with what is being termed 'amenity space'. The project is obviously being motivated by the need for funds within the Circuit. 

Our Neighbourhood Group made use of the church and its grounds for five years to hold our summer festival until a couple of years ago when all our funding dried up and we were unable to meet the £300 cost being asked of us by the church for the day's hire. During that time we had many conversations with some of the church people about the underuse of the school room. We all agreed that given its location, it could become an extremely valuable community asset. We were sad to see it so disregarded but it never occurred to us that the church might consider selling it off for housing or that the garden might be eaten into for parking. 

The church building and grounds are a very significant part of the Banner Cross community. Any planning application of this kind will have to go through the Planning Board. By that time, local residents may have decided to offer their own comments to what is proposed. We will be very interested to hear your views.