Baldwin’s Omega

The recent public meeting called by residents around the Baldwin’s site attracted a large turnout. A packed St. Andrew’s Community Hall heard contributions from people living across the area, all of them very worried about the planning application and the effect it would have on their lives.

Chief among their concerns were issues around the number of dwellings being proposed: 52 in 6 blocks against the original proposals which received outline planning permission for 38 houses. The visual impact on the surrounding area would be considerable but the effect on the flow of vehicles is particularly disturbing. The entrance/exit which is currently approached from Brincliffe Hill would become an emergency route only which would therefore direct all vehicular and pedestrian traffic through Chelsea Court. It is a narrow opening and easily becomes congested even now so it’s clear that the extra traffic flow from the developed site would present major difficulties. Other concerns were raised about the drainage of sewer waste from the site, the right of way path across the site and the stability of the old quarry site itself, amongst other things.

There was a unanimous view that the proposals had to be fought so a small committee was drawn up to follow through with the objections. They decided to hire a planning consultant and have since obtained the services of the same expert who helped to fight, successfully, the previous application to develop Brincliffe Tower.

The deadline date for lodging objections or, indeed, any comments on this application has now passed but the plans are unlikely to be brought before the council’s Planning Committee before 20 March and the officer overseeing the application has said that comments will be received right up to the day the application is heard in council.

If you wish to view the application, including the large number of comments already delivered, you can go onto the Council’s website and follow through the links under the Planning and Development heading using the reference number: 17/04961/REM. Alternatively, you can go into Howden House and ask to see them. Any questions about the application can be directed to the planning officer, Michael Johnson, on or by phone 0114 2039678.

If you wish to contact the residents’ group which is fighting the application, please email Lynda Josse at: