A new Website and Facebook page has been set up to enable us to keep Amey and StreetsAhead on their toes - and to complain about failures in any aspects of the street maintenance work being carried out. 

www.srha.site  Direct link to the Complaints Form below.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/408628229501743/ This has lots of examples of shoddy work being carried out by Amey or their sub-contractors.

There are many positives resulting from the Streets Ahead contract that Sheffield Council have with Amey. £2.2 billion of investment over 25 years means that every road and pavement surface will be replaced and maintained, and all the street lights will be replaced with newer more efficient LED lights.

However there are also negatives, including the planned felling of 18% of Sheffield's (mainly healthy) street trees.

And the implementation of the good things has often not been up to the standard we all might expect. Sheffield Council have admitted that they aren't able to monitor Amey's activities to the full extent needed.
 Examples include: 
  • Issues with "temporary" Amey barriers;
  • Dangerous temporary footpaths;
  • Holes in pavements or verges;
  • Street lights not working or dark areas at night;
  • Shoddy resurfacing work on roads or pavements;
  • Old road or pavement surfaces in a particularly poor state of disrepair;
  • Issues with replacement trees;
  • Issues with road closure notifications;
We need to make Amey fully accountable with members of the public acting as the eyes and ears, making complaints on all occasions where there is bad practice.

Link to the Complaints Form  Amey have to get back to you directly when you make a complaint.