Update courtesy the Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group:


Bannerdale School
We have been informed by BAM that as from Friday 2nd Feb, there will no longer be any public access from the temporary entrance on Carterknowle Road, around the back of their cabins and along the car park to the fields. They are going to fence off the area for the works commencing Monday 5th to install the new venting trench along the entire North side of the site parallel to Carter Knowle Rd.

The trench is due to take around 5 – 6 weeks to complete, working from the Eastern end [i.e. the lowest part] upwards to the Western end below the Brethren Church site. We will press them to open up such access as soon as possible. However it is also clear that there is still Japanese Knotweed in that area, which they may have to clear first - so there may be delays.


It is also clear that this trench is a response to the results of gas-monitoring, showing that gas is still being emitted along that boundary. And it is justification for the pressure we have been putting on them to toughen up the Remediation Strategy to protect local residents. We will continue to keep up that pressure as there are still questions about the safety of residents to the East on Fossdale Rd etc.


Once the trench is installed, they should then be clear to install the permanent new Footpath from the top of Glenorchy Rd around the pitches to allow full access to be granted again from the Western end of the site. We also intend to keep pressing for an entrance from that corner next to the Brethren Church with steps down to the footpath - this has the support of the Council's Rights of Way Unit.


We are also told that Barrett’s are due to start work soon on their temporary road for the housing on the Bannerdale Centre site. We intend to press Barratts, and the Council, to make sure that there is continued public access via the Public Footpath right the way through from Carter Knowle Rd past Spring Wood to Millhouses. Avant Homes are currently putting in the new footpath through the Open Space next to Abbeydale Rd from the corner of Hastings Rd which will link with that Public Footpath. That route should provide a safe and unpolluted route for children going from Millhouses to Carter Knowle and Holt House Schools.