Spotlight on rogue traders
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Focus on Rogue Traders

South Yorkshire Police post dated: 14 October 2019 15:16:51

"This week we’re shining a light on Rogue Traders, helping you to spot them and stop them.

A Rogue Trader is a tradesperson that exploits their customers in a range of ways to scam them out of their money, for example:

  • Providing low quality or dangerous work
  • Not producing work to the standard and/or price that had been agreed
  • Inflating the cost of a piece of work
  • Recommending and/or performing unnecessary work
  • Damaging property so they can then "fix" the problem
  • Undertaking work that they are not qualified to do, for example, working with gas appliances when not Gas Safe Registered
  • Committing fraud or burglary
  • Bullying or threatening a customer into agreeing to work
  • Exhibiting threatening and aggressive behaviour to try to extort money from a customer

Detective Constable Jarrod Kenyon explains: “We’re working with a number of partners across the region - including Trading standards - targeting Rogue Traders and sending the message that these illegal operations will not be tolerated. Rogue traders often target vulnerable and elderly people, this week is a good time to make sure you know how to tell the difference between genuine tradesman and those who are out to exploit you, and have a conversation with friends and family to make sure they do the same.


“If you have concerns about fraud, or for more information, please visit Action Fraud at or call 0300 1233040.”


South Yorkshire Buses- your views
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Buses across South Yorkshire are an essential lifeline for many – but, over the last decade, the number of people using them has fallen by 18 per cent.

Earlier this year, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, Dan Jarvis announced a review into the bus network across South Yorkshire to see what improvements could be made.

Mayor Jarvis selected Clive Betts MP to undertake the review, who in turn appointed a panel of commissioners to support him in his review.

The commissioners are asking all residents, community groups and business their views about how the bus service could be improved.

The Bus Review survey is available here.

The Invitation to submit written evidence is here


The closing date for the survey is Friday 18 October 2019.

Bus Review Commissioners

Pop-in Police Station
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Pop-in to the  Community Policing Pop-up....... 


The community policing team will be at Tesco Abbeydale Drive (junction of Abbeydale Road and Sheldon Road) on Thursday 3rd October 2019 from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs to offer security advice and speak to you about any other concerns you have in our area.

Sheffield Clean Air - have your say
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Last week to respond to Clean Air Plans

Sheffield's Clean Air Consultation closes on Sunday 25 August, don't miss this chance to have your say.

Thursday 15 August 2019

More than 5,000 people have already responded to Sheffield City Council’s clean air plans. The consultation will close on Sunday 25 August. If you want to have your say on the air quality in Sheffield, make sure you respond to the consultation at before Sunday.

The plans include the introduction of a clean air zone – where the most polluting buses, taxis, vans, lorries and coaches will be charged to enter the inner ring road of Sheffield. Support in the form of grants and loans is being requested from Government to help local small businesses and drivers upgrade their vehicles to cleaner standard.

The council has been talking to those most affected by the plans – the taxi trades, bus companies and local businesses. Although the formal consultation will close on 25 August, further talks with all affected stakeholders will continue up until the clean air zone comes into force in early 2021.

Information on the plans can be found at

Sharrow Today - Artists Wanted
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Sharrow Today - Artists wanted
Are you a practising artist – amateur or professional – with a collection of visual work that you would like to share?  Do you live in Sharrow, Lansdowne, Nether Edge, Abbeydale, Highfield or Lowfield Areas?  If so, we would love to feature your work in our Local Artist section of Sharrow Today community newspaper.

We know that our neighbourhood is full of talented and creative people of all ages and backgrounds, we want to celebrate local creativity and inspire others in our community, we are interested in featuring ALL kinds of visual art, including sculpture, photography, street art, graffiti, printing, textiles, painting and drawing.

We would like to see some examples of your work (photos are fine), and hear a bit about you, your work and your connection to the neighbourhood.  Remember, you DON’T have to be a professional!

If you would like to have your work featured in Sharrow Today, please email come in to see us at the Old Junior School. 

Venue: Sharrow Community Forum, The Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield S7 1DB
Telephone: 0114 2508384
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Company limited by guarantee no. 741080, charity no. 1139239


To be held on Thursday 9th May at the

Nether Edge Bowling Club

Nether Edge Road at 7.00 pm


7.00 pm Arrivals and welcome

7.30 pm Business including:

Minutes of the last AGM held on 26th April 2018

Chairman's Report

Treasurer's Report

Group Reports

*Elec????on of officers, trustees and commi???? ee members


8.30 pm Formal business concludes
followed by a presenta????on by Eileen Jones-Hill from the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and informal gathering at the bar.

*Nomina????ons for officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) should be sent to Howard Fry, NENG Secretary at
All nomina????ons must include the names of a proposer and seconder and be accompanied by the nominee's declara????on of their willingness to serve.
Please do come to our AGM. It will be a relaxed and friendly affair, subject to the minimum of formality.

We want to hear your opinions about our work and sufficient a???? endance is essen????al to give NENG the authority to con????nue its successful ac????vi????es.

Chairman's Report

Looking back at my report for last year's AGM I am struck by its partly dismal tone. The ba???? le (not too strong a word in view of the events through that freezing winter) was con????nuing and our special environment remained under threat. Echoing the good news about NENG however, there was a chink of light, a hesitant op????mism that things were about to change. Now, it has been twelve months since a tree was unnecessarily felled in Nether Edge and by contrast, following the discussions between both sides, many of the previously condemned trees are being saved by applying simple solu????ons to kerb lines and removing tonnes of excessive tarmac. This is excellent news to start the new NENG year.

NENG itself is in very good condi????on as we reach the end of what in some ways has been a difficult period. The loss of our treasurer caused us difficul????es which have been overcome by the willingness of David O'Connell to assume the role for the ????me being. Our secretary and our former treasurer Elaine have done prodigious amounts of work to ensure an effec????ve transi????on. The recent appointment of Magdi Adam as our new bookkeeper will ease the burden in the coming year.

Those looking at NENG and its ac????vi????es from outside the organisa????on should be very impressed. The reports of our groups in this copy of EDGE clearly demonstrate the extent and value to the community of what is being done. All those responsible for the work deserve support and congratula????ons. On the other hand it has been suggested that there are many outside NENG who are not aware of the extent of our work or that the variety of successful ac????vi????es, from the market to the history group, from the Friends of Brincliffe Woods to the fes????val and more, are all a part of NENG. Perhaps we need to blow our own trumpet more. And this is the kind of ques????on being discussed by our recently set up 'vision group'. They were set the task of considering and making recommenda????ons about whether NENG needs to change and if so in what ways. What is good and bad about what we do and the ways we do it? What should a neighbourhood group be doing? What is possible, what is not?

There are many ques????ons to add to that list and we hope to find the answers to some of them in the year ahead.

David Pierce

Open Studios
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Open Up Sheffield 2019

Free event !

Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th, Monday 6th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May

Now in its 21st year, Open Up Sheffield is a well established annual open studio event, where artists and craftspeople welcome the public into their work spaces.

These vary from private homes to mixed studio complexes, across Sheffield and surrounding areas. Open Up Sheffield gives the public an opportunity to see work in progress, ask questions about materials and processes, make a purchase, or commission a bespoke piece of artwork.

Plenty of artists in and around Nether Edge and Sharrow are opening up their studioes and inviting you to see their work  Visit to see what there is close to you....

Sharrow Experiment Launch
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Sharrow Experiment puts ‘learning by example’ to the test

Launch: 10am Sunday 14 April, junction of Wolstenholm Rd and Sharrow Lane

Contact: Jack Massey 07710 277976


Sponges, brushes and the determination to make a difference will be on show in Sharrow at 10 am on 14April. In a community bid to combat a blight on the local environment, the six-month Sharrow Experiment will support local businesses and test the power of ‘learning by example’.

Supported financially by the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group (NENG), the Sharrow Experimentsupports shops and businesses at the junction of Wolstenholm Rd and Sharrow Lane. The area is plagued by unsightly spray-painted ‘tags’ and doodles and the project will support and equip local businesses to fight back by cleaning up walls, blinds and street furniture and reacting quickly if and when new marks appear. 


The six-month project is the brain child of longstanding local, Jack Massey who has been visiting the eleven businesses offering support and encouraging them to work together to clean-up the area. After cleaning up and repainting where needed, the project is providing the paint, brushes and cleaning equipment that can be used to immediately remove fresh graffiti, hopefully discouraging future vandalism and perhaps offering a model for other areas. 


Jack explains: 

‘We’ve got some amazing street art around Sheffield. Work by people like Kid Acne and Phlegm are brilliant, but random ‘tags’ like these ones send a signal that the neighbourhood is not cared for. It encourages litter and vandalism, and undermines local shops’ hard work. We are all like monkeys who can learn by copying the world around us. A clean and cared-for environment is a great positive model for everyone. I really hope that this project can make a difference.’ 

Mrs Roxana Munshi of Sharrow Pharmacy is looking forward to the clean up and says ‘I think it's a brilliant idea. I hope it succeeds.’


Notes to Editors: 

· Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group (NENG) was set up in 1973. Volunteers coordinate events like Nether Edge Farmers' Market and the annual Nether Edge Festival and organise active groups including the Nether Edge History Group and Friends of Brincliffe Edge Woods. 


Rooms for hire at Common Ground
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Guitar concert
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Join the Brink Cohousing Community on Friday 29th March (7.30pm  til 10.30pm)for 'an evening of stellar acoustic guitar playing by Nick Jonah Davis, a formidable guitarist in the tradition of Bert Jansch and Nick Drake, (and songs from Burnt Paw)
Tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance using this link to eventbrite.

On the Brink Cohousing Community

Brincliffe House 

90 Osborne Rd. 


S11 9BB

Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080