Spring Concert
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Spring Concert

Saturday 12th May

St. Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane 7.30pm

Lucy Phillips (violin) & Jonny Ingall (cello) and the Black Velvet Clarinet Quartet – a diverse programme of music from the rennaisance to the present day

Antiques Quarter Tourist launch
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The Antiques Tourist Launch Event plus Free Valuations

Tuesday 8 May, 10am – 2pm

Abbeydale Picture House, Abbeydale Road       

Do come along with your Antiques, Jewellery, Watches, Gold, Silver, Ceramics and Collectables and meet a

Hansons Valuer.

In aid of St Lukes and supporting the Abbeydale Picture House.


Actors & musicians needed
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Update - Baldwins Omega
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With thanks to colleagues at Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group for the update:


Baldwin's Omega development
There are now a large number of objections to the development of the Baldwin's Omega proposed development which can be read on the Council's website (planning ref. 17/04741/REM). The group of residents which came together have done a remarkable job to put a case together against the scheme for 52 dwellings on the restaurant site, assisted by the advice of a planning consultant.
As a result of the work they have done to highlight the difficulties of the planned development, the council's Planning Committee will be making a visit to the site. Their visit will inform their discussion at the Planning Committee meeting the following day.
Anyone interested to attend at the site visit is freely able to do so but there are some restrictions that must be observed. The committee members are not allowed to enter into conversations with anyone and must not be petitioned by members of the public but it is in order for contributions to be made to the accompanying officer(s) on matters of fact and technicalities arising from the proposals.
The site visit will be on Monday, 9 April at 10.20am. It will last for 20 minutes after which the committee moves on to view another site. If you are able to attend, please do so.
The following day, Tuesday, 10 April at 2.00pm the Planning Committee will sit to hear the application and to decide on whether it should go ahead. Members of the public are invited to attend this committee held in the Town Hall. Anyone wishing to be there should meet in the reception of the Town Hall (through the main doors onto Pinstone Street) at 1.45pm and wait to be guided up to the main Reception Room. Two speakers from the residents' group will each have 5 minutes to present their case. Again, if you are able to attend this important meeting, please do.



AGM 26 April 2018
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Company limited by guarantee no. 741080, charity no. 1139239 


to be held on Thursday 26th April 2018 

at Nether Edge Bowling Club 

Nether Edge Road at 7pm 

Please do come to our AGM. It will be a relaxed and friendly affair, subject to the minimum of formality. We want to hear your opinions and sufficient attendance is essential to give NENG the authority to continue our work.

A G E N D A 

7 pm Arrivals & Welcome 

7.30 pm Business including: 

Minutes of the last meeting 

Chairman's Report 

Treasurer's Report 

Group Reports 

*Election of officers and committee members 

9 pm Finish and informal gathering at the bar 


*Nominations for officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) should be sent to Ruth Bernard, NENG Secretary at nengsec16@gmail.com. All nominations must include the names of a proposer and seconder and be accompanied by the nominee's declaration of their willingness to serve. 

You can review a copy of this agenda and of our accounts (audited by Voluntary Action Sheffield) can be seen HERE



Snow - cancellation notices
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Because of all this snow and potential ice:

St Andrews Beavers, Cubs and Scouts groups will not be meeting tonight (1 March)

The St Andrews parents & babies group will not be opening tomorrow (2 March)

Do keep warm, take care and enjoy the snow !

Reporting Anti-social behaviour
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Changes In Reporting Anti Social Behaviour in Sheffield

On Thursday 1 February, there will be important changes to the way Sheffield residents report antisocial behaviour issues.

From this date, you will need to report certain antisocial behaviour issues, such as noise nuisance, non-hate crime related graffiti and lost, stray or barking dogs, to Sheffield City Council, not to South Yorkshire Police. You can do this by calling 0114 2734567 or visiting sheffield.gov.uk/asb

A full breakdown of antisocial behaviour issues and whose responsibility these are can be found below:

South Yorkshire Police


Sheffield City Council




Abandoned vehicles / parking issues


Dealing/taking drugs & drinking alcohol in the street


Dead animals


Gangs and youths drinking in parks


Dog fouling


Harassment or intimidation


Fly posting


Fly-tipping (seen happening now)


Dumped, fly-tipped waste

(nobody present)


Hate Crime related graffiti (motivated by prejudice or intolerance towards an individual’s nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, identity, sexual orientation or disability)


Graffiti (General Not Hate Crime related)


Misuse of fireworks


Syringes or needles


Dangerous, out of control dogs


Lost, stray or barking dogs


Threatening or violent neighbour disputes


Noise disputes, nuisance or

DIY related noise


Prostitution and indecent behaviour


Syringes or needles






Suspicious vehicles




Hoax calls to emergency services





From 1 February, if you call the Council 0114 2734567 number out of standard office hours to report concerns for vulnerable adults and children, and matters relating to homeless people, you will be dealt with by a Sheffield City Council call-handler, not a Police call-handler.

For more information on reporting antisocial behaviour issues, and the responsibility of Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Police from 1 February, please visit sheffield.gov.uk/asb or southyorks.police.uk/101



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With thanks to the Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group for the update

Brincliffe Tower

The application to develop the Brincliffe Tower site was put on hold for a short while. On inspection, it was found that there were shortcomings in the documentation; notably the included Heritage Statement was the one which was drawn up for the original application and was dated December 2013. It contained references to knocking down part of the old wall on Brincliffe Edge Road amongst other things which are no longer applicable so the owners were told to bring it up to date.

Once the HS is received, notices will go up on posts in the immediate surrounding area. This could be within the next couple of days. All documents relating to the application will then be reviewed and the owners will be notified of any concerns. They will be asked in particular for clarification on the access onto the site for construction vehicles and confirmation that the wall on Brincliffe Edge Road will not be breached (which is likely to be a condition). Once drawn up, new letters will be sent to neighbours (expected by the end of 2nd February) and a new 21 days consultation period will start from this date.

Once the application appears on the council’s website it will be open for comments and objections, if appropriate. Local residents are encouraged to look closely at what is proposed and to pay particular attention to issues that may form the basis of an objection at Planning Committee stage. These could include:

1.   The design and scale of the proposed three houses. They are large modern constructions, very different from the old mansion and to a scale which means that they overlook the mansion itself. Their roofline is higher than that of the mansion. Should they be of a design which is more sympathetic to the mansion’s architecture or does the juxtaposition of styles enhance the appearance of both?

2.   The access road onto the site is very narrow which gives rise to obvious health and safety concerns for pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Widening it would mean the loss of mature trees.

3.   The ecology of the housing site would clearly be disturbed with the removal of trees and other flora.  What landscaping should be undertaken to offer some remedy to this?

The mansion house itself is proposed to become a high-value single dwelling which is welcome. It returns in modern form to what it was in earlier days. However, there are concerns which need to be addressed.

The planning officer for this application is again Michael Johnson. You are welcome to contact him directly if you wish to find more information using the same details as above: email at michael.johnson@sheffield.gov.uk and phone number 0114 2039678.

A group of residents has already come together to examine the application. If you wish to contact them, whether to ask for information or to join the group, please contact Ruth Linden by email on: forestdean@sky.com


Baldwins Omega
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Baldwin’s Omega

The recent public meeting called by residents around the Baldwin’s site attracted a large turnout. A packed St. Andrew’s Community Hall heard contributions from people living across the area, all of them very worried about the planning application and the effect it would have on their lives.

Chief among their concerns were issues around the number of dwellings being proposed: 52 in 6 blocks against the original proposals which received outline planning permission for 38 houses. The visual impact on the surrounding area would be considerable but the effect on the flow of vehicles is particularly disturbing. The entrance/exit which is currently approached from Brincliffe Hill would become an emergency route only which would therefore direct all vehicular and pedestrian traffic through Chelsea Court. It is a narrow opening and easily becomes congested even now so it’s clear that the extra traffic flow from the developed site would present major difficulties. Other concerns were raised about the drainage of sewer waste from the site, the right of way path across the site and the stability of the old quarry site itself, amongst other things.

There was a unanimous view that the proposals had to be fought so a small committee was drawn up to follow through with the objections. They decided to hire a planning consultant and have since obtained the services of the same expert who helped to fight, successfully, the previous application to develop Brincliffe Tower.

The deadline date for lodging objections or, indeed, any comments on this application has now passed but the plans are unlikely to be brought before the council’s Planning Committee before 20 March and the officer overseeing the application has said that comments will be received right up to the day the application is heard in council.

If you wish to view the application, including the large number of comments already delivered, you can go onto the Council’s website and follow through the links under the Planning and Development heading using the reference number: 17/04961/REM. Alternatively, you can go into Howden House and ask to see them. Any questions about the application can be directed to the planning officer, Michael Johnson, on michael.johnson@sheffield.gov.uk or by phone 0114 2039678.

If you wish to contact the residents’ group which is fighting the application, please email Lynda Josse at: lyndajosse@yahoo.co.uk

Amey Feedback
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A new Website and Facebook page has been set up to enable us to keep Amey and StreetsAhead on their toes - and to complain about failures in any aspects of the street maintenance work being carried out. 

www.srha.site  Direct link to the Complaints Form below.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/408628229501743/ This has lots of examples of shoddy work being carried out by Amey or their sub-contractors.

There are many positives resulting from the Streets Ahead contract that Sheffield Council have with Amey. £2.2 billion of investment over 25 years means that every road and pavement surface will be replaced and maintained, and all the street lights will be replaced with newer more efficient LED lights.

However there are also negatives, including the planned felling of 18% of Sheffield's (mainly healthy) street trees.

And the implementation of the good things has often not been up to the standard we all might expect. Sheffield Council have admitted that they aren't able to monitor Amey's activities to the full extent needed.
 Examples include: 
  • Issues with "temporary" Amey barriers;
  • Dangerous temporary footpaths;
  • Holes in pavements or verges;
  • Street lights not working or dark areas at night;
  • Shoddy resurfacing work on roads or pavements;
  • Old road or pavement surfaces in a particularly poor state of disrepair;
  • Issues with replacement trees;
  • Issues with road closure notifications;
We need to make Amey fully accountable with members of the public acting as the eyes and ears, making complaints on all occasions where there is bad practice.

Link to the Complaints Form  Amey have to get back to you directly when you make a complaint.

Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080