Sunday 16 July, 11am - 4pm

Sharrow Vale Farmer's Market, Sharrow Vale Rd

and Hunters Bar Yard Sale (see below for information from organisers)

"Have you got a whole load of junk to sell but never seem to make it to a car boot sale? Fancy selling your stuff right on your door step?Good at baking? Why not sell some cakes? Great excuse for the kids to sort out their toys and get selling the ones that don't get played with anymore! All the money you make on the day is yours to keep of course. 

Its £5 to take part and the money raised through this fee will be given to Hunters Bar Infant School fund. 

The roads included in the yard sale map are-

Pinner Road
Guest Road
Fulmer Road
Penrhyn Road
Junction Road
Hunter Hill Road
Hunter House Road
Alternatively if you'd don't live on one of the above roads and what to get involved then you can hire a table and sell at the yard sales in tHuntets Bar Infant School yard. 

Your address will go on our Yard Sale map and we will distribute the map to 100's of potential customers who are attending the Sharrowvale market on the same day just down the road.

If you'd like to take part and have your yard sale pinpointed on the map please contact Sarah by email"